Khadia Nature Camp Site

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Sanskruti Astronomy and Nature Academy's Nature Camp at Khadia Village in Waghodia, 40 kms from Vadodara is an ideal place for Camps and Picnics.


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The Camp site has all the facilities from parking to kitchen to various fun activities for children. All this makes our Nature Camp an ideal choice specially for Educational tours of children with jungle trek with useful information about the flora and fauna from our Nature Experts. Facilities and nActivitis are created with Natural eqipments without disturbing the eco system.

  • Open Playground
  • Self Equipped Kitchen
  • Stage for Activites
  • Observatory for Sky Gazing
  • Covered shelter to rest &relax


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Sanskruti Astronomy and Nature Academy offers variety of activites for children and adults alike.

Our activites offer great inspiration for children to explore the Nature and develop enthusiasm and interest about our suroundings.

These activites provide exercise for both mind and body.

  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Jungle Teckking Expedition
  • River Crossing Techniques
  • Sky Gazing through Telescopes
  • Informative Image Gallery on Birds and Animals